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Road Transportation

As the name suggests it is the transfer of good via roadways. Having owned and associate vehicles, we have the reputation of providing prompt transit for transportation and delivery. With the changing times we have updated our system and methods of working. All our vehicles are kept up to date and we ensure that there are no hurdles during the time of delivery. Since we are mostly covering the entire Nation, we cover thousands of kilometers to meet expectations of our clients.

We have always been engaging ourselves with client’s expectations and do our best to ensure the most reliable surface service as per client’s requirement. With the years of experience and dedication, we have carved out our reputation as one of the trustworthy and safe transporters and ensure hassle free door to door delivery.

Our vehicles are GPS enabled hence we provide our clients with complete transparency right from shipment to delivery. It is possible to trace and track our fleet 24x7. As we are dealing with different industrial sectors, we have all the required arrangements for each type of goods whether sensitive or perishable.

Air Freight

The transportation of goods via air is Air Freight. It is the fastest way of delivery to any part of the country or out of the country. Air freight is the most convenient and reliable way of delivery when you want the transportation of goods to be done in the quickest way or to meet the earliest dead line.

We offer the most trustworthy and efficient air freight services across the globe. Bom Gim has all the required arrangements and facilities with air lines to take goods and get it delivered on time anywhere. Our air cargo works round the clock with the maximum delivery time taken is up to 48 hours to have your items delivered to you. You surely know the status of your item as we provide with tracking services.

We maintain all the necessary ethics required for air delivery mode. It is advisable to have goods that are carefully analyzed before they go on board. We have been working transparently and make sure that our services are done in the best possible way. Though we are offer competitive price, we quote to our clients the cost of delivery well before so that there are no chances of misunderstanding.

Railway Freight

Bom Gim is well known for the provision of Railway freight services. Rail transportation mode is known to be the most economical and reliable methods. We have a tie up with Railways where Bom Gim is given separate compartments where the goods to be delivered can be kept. The deliveries of goods are made in any part of the country.

The goods are kept in the condition in which they were received. They are safe and secured with us because our team of experts are taking care of each parcel as their own. They are trained accordingly to handle rail freight. Moreover, you can keep a close eye on the status of your goods as we provide you with efficient tracking system.

Your good with Bom Gim are kept secured and we make sure that they reach to their destination in within the given time. We are known for on time delivery and excellent customer service hence we have been able to name ourselves as one of the most reputed logistics in the Nation.

Fast Track Delivery

If you need to rush your parcel to local, national or international destination then Bom Gim is the right place for you. In case of local or national delivery, the parcel is handed over to the destination on next day at informed time.

If the parcel has to reach an International destination then it is handed over on the consecutive working day. We offer effective, efficient and secured parcel delivery across the globe. In case of parcel that are costly, we offer insurance cover. Tracking the status of your parcel is always available on our website. We have an effective supply chain management service and growing Bom Gim networks that makes us truly efficient in providing Fast Track Delivery service.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is a broader term as compared to just logistics. It deals with the transportation of raw material to transportation of finished product to customers. There is rapid commercialization. Hence there is an increase in the inward and outward flow. The increase in competition is the reason why manufacturers and retail sectors looks towards an efficient logistic companies. To meet the demands with efficiency and safety it is important to outsource logistic function. Hence we have prominent supply chain management service that will look after inventory, reports, warehousing and other services needed.

We think ahead of time and our better vision helps us to have a systematic flow of information about our product and service. The supply chain resources are cost saving with us and we let you have time bound goods delivery.

As we understand your business needs and time constraint, we offer you services that are secured, handled well and time driven even with pressing circumstances. The entire supply chain management is handled by Bom Gim as it has huge network of its own vehicles and offices across nation. We look up to your supply and demand criteria whereas you can just focus on your business.

Warehousing & Manufacturing

Warehousing is an important part of logistics services. It involves the storage of raw material to finished goods and keeps them sorted till the time demands. It is a storage space so that the goods in demand are kept ready on a large scale so that supply can be made when demanded. It looks after the product inventory and stock management. It is an advantage for the manufacturers that do not have enough storage space. Warehousing of the product can be done so that the manufacturers don’t have to rush when the supply goes high and it is quite cost effective.

Bom Gim engages itself in receiving goods, keeping its record, storing, packing, putting it as bulk order for delivery, look for goods during delivery and makes effective time bound delivery.

Bom Gim can conveniently handle warehousing service because it has its network expanded all over the country and beyond. We look after your needs of warehousing and our expert team can handle your inventory needs with perfection. We have made transportation of any type of goods or material simple, reliable and easy. Hence let all your worries be ours and you enjoy our hassle free services.

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