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Apparel and lifestyle

Apparel industries are trend driven and in today’s era, the trends have been changing dynamically. Hence apparel and lifestyle logistics are driven by time. Apparel industries follows trends and style continuously and therefore they produce in bulk. The retailers are spread all over the world and so they need a complete logistic solution that is aware of the total geography. Moreover the logistics provider should be able to work in the time limit.

Bom Gim is one name that can provide you with warehousing, delivery in given time to different areas and get connected to retailer in any corner. They look after distribution, pick up, reverse logistics when and where necessary and supply chain management.

With the involvement of technology, we have developed ios and Android application that will allow you to track your parcel. Even the delivery man has an app in their phone that will allow customers to get real status of their parcel. We plan and schedule well your delivery and pick up so that your schedule is not disturbed.


Automobiles industries are on toes due to the rapid growth in the production of vehicles and their parts. The supplies of each to different latitudes have made it competitive and complex enough. Automotive logistics requires focus and excellence, reliability and safety and the power to build adequate network across the regions.

Bom Gim is a provider of complete logistics solution for automobile industries. We take into account used cars and new cars parts or materials that are ready for transportation either to distributors or dealers. We offer enough storage space for used or new vehicles parts. We also include stock management in our service. The transportation can be done via rails, road or water depending upon the area where it has to be delivered.

With the involvement of technology, we have developed ios and Android application that will allow you to track your parcel. Even the delivery man has a app in their phone that will allow customers to get real status of their parcel.

E Commerce

When you don’t have a physical storefront and your way of doing business is through ecommerce, that means you need to get in touch with a genuine and time bound logistics service. When you are an ecommerce business owner means that you outsource logistics to third party that will specialize in transport and storage.

Bom Gim is a genuine logistics that will provide shipping order to customers and inventory to the merchant. We keep a track of your items till the time it reaches to your customers. All the items in the shipment are bar-coded for tracking and safety. It would be possible for you to know where your products are during the transit. With the improvisation in technology, we offer delivery time as per the convenience of customers. The uses of software have enabled us with the mapping of the items and the time that would be taken for the item to be delivered.

Bom Gim takes immense pride as it has adhered to the use of the technology so that it can provide complete solution from its warehouse to customer’s house in given time. The presence of offices and branches across the nation makes it quite possible for us to let you have your product on time.

Electronics & Technology

Technology has taken its place everywhere. The rapid changes and update in electronics has lead to rapid production with latest technologies embedded in devices. The production unit members are on toes for this reason. Hence many of the reputed and known electronics companies have joined hands with Bom Gim so that they can go on with their production and all the logistics can be looked after by us.

We ensure that your planning keep working as we make the most time lined supply of materials and products to you. With the collaboration with international market, electronics companies need to have logistics that can keep up pace with the international flow. Bom Gim is the right venture that provides end to end solution, completes task that comprises of order to delivery.

With the involvement of technology, we have developed ios and Android application that will allow you to track your parcel. Even the delivery man has an app in their phone that will allow customers to get real status of their parcel. We plan and schedule well your delivery and pick up so that your schedule is not disturbed. We ensure the presence of customers at home before delivering electronics as we understand that it is quite costly and it cannot be handed over to anyone else.


FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry comes up with everyday a challenge that is bounded by time. Since it is a product that is relevant and in great demand by consumers on a daily basis, marketplace faces great competition. FMCG is a collection of products that are consumed on a daily basis, whose market price are relatively unstable and its stock replenishment totally depends upon consumer’s choice. Therefore Logistics Company needs to be on mark when they deal with the delivery of FMCG products.

The demands may change as per the changing trends and seasonal requirements. Hence the supply chain has to be really quick and also bear in mind the rates of the product with reference to market competition.

With this criterion in mind, Bom Gim gives a complete logistics and warehouse solution where FMCG industry can stand in the market competition. We offer precise rates that are quite competitive so that an industry can achieve maximum profit. Our team of professional can easily and efficiently handle sorting and picking up processes. We look after inventory, provide you with warehouse to ease handling and transport. We can also arrange distribution to retailers, dealers, supermarkets and malls.

Life Science & Healthcare

When it comes to life science and health care sector, we understand that it has to be treated genuinely with the utmost care. One will certainly require secure and efficient transportation. It has to be a complete and secure logistics solution because after all we are dealing with the life of someone.

With the advancing technology and team of experts, Bom Gim can provide you with expert and innovative logistics solution that will meet all the necessary requirements. We provide customized solutions that are totally dependent upon the need of an industry or individual. It can be medicines, medical instruments, controlled drugs or hazardous goods.

We believe that warehouse security and personnel police check is very important while handling such logistics. Our vehicles that lead to delivery are GPS enabled and it is under security everyday and every time. The application developed help in tracing and tracking the carrier all the time.


Bom Gim is an expert in the print media logistics solutions. We are engaged in the delivery if newspapers, magazines and books by air, rail or road. We have our offices at many places in India; hence we are able to well connect with many cities due to which delivery of latest publishing products becomes quite facilitating.

We bespoke system in well efficient and it allows us to manage individual need or bulk need. The media house or the publishing houses are managed well by our team of experts. Our clients believe in us and we approach them professionally. We take up responsibility right from orders management, packing, bar-coding if needed and shipment. All the number of copies that is to be shipped is managed well and the entire report is made which is then handed over to the relevant person after the delivery has been made.

There may be a case when all the copies are not sold. Hence we would also arrange for reverse logistics where unsold copies have to be returned back to the desired warehouse of recycling centers. We provide a proper and genuine tracking service for our clients. It would be easily possible to locate the status of delivery as our vehicles are GPS enabled. We have developed Android and ios application that will help you know the current status of your order.


Logistics plays an important role in the business profit margin especially when it comes of SMEs. With this understanding Bom Gim offers the most competitive rates of SMEs. We provide genuine and complete information that will help you understand better as to what type of shipment you should be looking for.

Being a small and medium enterprise sector, we understand that you have smaller margins of profit. With inefficient shipment and delivery, you can lose this too and end up with inevitable loss. Hence we ensure that we provide you with the most transparent solution and In Time services so that you are never triggered under the pressure.

Our advanced technology has developed an Android and ios based applications that allow you to keep a track on the carrier. Hence you are constantly updated regarding the delivery of goods. The number of warehouses and offices in many parts of the nations helps us with quick delivery at desired place.

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